Gobble, Gobble

The family turkeys are starting to pop up in the halls of the Sunshine School.  Our Sunshine families are really going all out this year!  Stop by to view all the wonderful creations.


  • Our Thanksgiving Food Drive is running until 11/23.  Thank you for all your contributions.
  • School is closed on 11/11 for Veterans Day, and 11/24-11/26 for Thanksgiving.
  • Treasures money can’t buy:  Yoplait yogurt containers, wooden beads and coffee cans.
  • See the Calendar for the upcoming 4 year old field trips.

Sunshine Songs to sing along

Thanksgiving Day is Coming

Thanksgiving Day is coming, Oh Mr. Turkey said
How very careful I must be or I will lose my head
The Pumpkin told the Turkey, I’m worried too, Oh My
They’ll mix me up with sugar and spice,
And I’ll be a Pumpkin Pie

I’m Glad I’m not a Turkey

I’m glad I’m not a Turkey, a Turkey, a Turkey
I’m glad I’m not a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
They’ll cook you and baste you
And then they’ll all taste you
I’m glad I’m not a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner, Turkey Dinner
Gather Round, Gather Round
Who will get the Drumstick
Yummy, Yummy Yumstick
All Sit Down; All Sit Down.

Sunshine School Grace (sung all year round)

We are Thankful, We are Thankful
We are Glad, We are Glad
For the many good things
For the many good things
That we have; that we have.

This Old Road

This old road is hard and bumpy
My new turkey’s wild and jumpy
Driver, driver, not so jerky
Or you’ll make me lose my turkey.

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